Imperfect Gentleman by J.Esq

Since getting back into the management game, I have had to take the time to really delve into music to see what’s hot and what is missing in the music today.  I was introduced to this artist via The V-Mixx Radio Show to feature in today’s spotlight. Introducing: J. Esq and his project Imperfect Gentleman.

Released via Nu Legend Recordings, the project contains three interludes and seven songs. Reminiscent of the 90’s sound of Levert with a splash of Hip-Hop, J. Esq delivers that grown-ish sound for the 30+ crowd.

After opening with an interlude, he jumps right in the mix with two chill vibes for the summer, What She Do, and the lead single Sexy Wit It, ( which J.Esq. has promised a video is soon to follow). They really get the head bobbin’ and gets you hittin’ that rewind button a few times. For my fellow DJs, put on these cuts: More, SayULuhMe and Back to Love. These records right here are sure to get party moving. You might want to grab a girl or guy and just get on the floor. This is the type of music that just gets you to dance!

J.Esq does bless this project with a smoove classic Quiet Storm Slow Jam, Sexxxy Thangs, that the ladies are gonna love!

He delivers grown material, grown lyrics, and unapologetic vibes when it comes to expressing his love and desire for that certain someone. Just in time for the summer!  J.Esq is “Official”!

11/30/2018 Phinesse Demps


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