J.Ghatz started with a group called Grand Potential Ent started making music in the back of his car. He first recorded himself. He discovered He sounded good ha ha ha… what inspired Him the most is music that can change people lives He used to not be one of the best-behaved kids but was a problem. Music helped heal what’s Ben broken or missing.

Tupac, Nas, P Diddy plus more Artist inspire Him to do better by what they believe and talk about. He felt like He had a story to tell others that can relate to his pain.

He speaks for the people that don’t have the courage to say what’s on their mind to others. He feels music can lift up spirits and help others threw there day. Music can touch souls man it’s powerful for his culture, religion, and belief is in God but He lives HIP HOP (J.Ghatz Da Pharoah)

Now He is present with DPA Records and joined in 2015.


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